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Now that I am older, and my breasts have filled out, and I have gained some weight, I feel much better about them. To me they never had a great round shape and always seem little too saggy. Not that it is ok, far from it. I have never been skinny, also have never had too much extra weight. I don't really ever lose, but for the longest I was plateued out at I felt the most self concious about my body in high school and middle school.

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I really do like my breast shape and the fact that they look very feminine in a low cut dress. My breasts started developing at the age of 13 and now they are 38D or 38DD depending on the bra model. I still feel self-conscious every now and then stretch marks are slightly visible, grow hair around my boobs, wish I could go braless without people staring and don't have cleavage.

I do have naked stretch-marks on the very top of my breasts, but they are barely noticeable, since I am very pale I guess this 32c the first time I consider it a perk. But I fear I will be told I will not look like I see as the perfect for me, but something the doctor thinks is "best for me". I have a petite body frame. Breastfeeding in public Breast vs. The band stays in place and my breast don't spill over any more.

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I stuffed for years until my I met my boyfriend. I never liked my breasts. I saw very, very few 32C or 32D sizes and would like to have this size represented. One of my most upsetting memories is a time when I was sitting at the nerd table at school, I was the only female in the nerd group, I always hung out with guys because I found women to be more cruel and cattyand this girl walked up to one of my friends and leaned down to whisper in his ear.

I want to empower other women to be healthy, happy and feel beautiful. Thanks for listening. Small breasts Large breasts Being flat-chested Sagging breasts Breastfeeding Wonders of breastfeeding Wonderful breast milk Is breastfeeding a sexual act?

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I was so small in high school, that my peers would often harass me, especially other females, and spread rumors that I had anorexia or bulemia. I did not really start to fill out chest-wise until 10th grade, and even then, my breasts were small. Taunted as for being "flat" and later made to feel inadequate by all the men in my life, it is nice to see I am not alone.

I am worried that I have started looking for the "perfect" boobs to show a doctor what I want. My left breast is a lil larger than my right, and that bothered me a little bit until I ran across this site and realized that everyone's breasts are like that. I am about 5'3, and currently lbs. I am slightly overweight, but mainly im just very curvy.

Copyright — www. I was 36C in high school.

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I've managed to gain a few pounds in the last few months and kind of feel my breasts have a little more volume. Disclaimer : Some stories below are very frank and may mention various kinds of events and difficulties in people's lives e.

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Always felt that with those small breasts I looked kind of funny because find so many girls around me who are much younger but are full figured. I have also lost a lot of fat in them due to me working out and weight lifting. I have stretch marks that aren't very visible because my skin is quite pale.

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I've been through a lot of teasing most part of my school years for being super skinny as I was a mere 93 lbs. I've always been satisfied with my breasts. By the way I did go to a doctor for implants and was horrified to know not only am I small, but I am smaller on one side! 32c, on the other hand, have rather large boobs for a small girl.

Sometimes I find it frustrating that I can't buy a good supporting sports bra, because they tend to have smaller cups. I was on birth control pills from age which caused me to have breast cysts that have now disappeared. Sometimes one would start a lie that she heard my throwing up in the bathroom during lunch and spread it around the school.

I am a 34 B, and I find that they fit nicely with my body size. It's ok to be anything! I was fortunate enough to donate healthy breast tissue from my right breast to the Susan G. Komen Tissue Bank naked year for breast cancer research. I was just made this way. You have not lived until the man you love offers to pay half the cost for you to get breast implants.

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I am a 23 year old white female. I thank you for this web site. I was a "late-bloomer" 32c 14 and a very slow developer. I'm 5'8" and I weigh My boobs, who is petite like me has small breasts. I don't think that it is normal for people to have some certain "like" when it comes to female breast size or shape, because all women have beautiful bodies or can improve them in a natural way to be such. Your site reminded me just that. Mediterranean, and N. The main point is: there is naked variation in what is normal. I lost over 35lbs and my size changed. I felt pressure by the fashion industry, friends and family to get breast implants, but resisted because I've always liked the way my breasts look and feel.

I have always been very thin, due to a fast metabolism, and struggle to gain weight. I have never had a history of eating disorders. I recently went from an E to a DD, and am hoping to get smaller.

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Just like most other women who have a say in your forum I feel soo much better now! So don't worry, ladies! So finding this site has been very helpful. I'm 20 5'2" and have a slim build. However, I'm slowly growing to accept them : I also would like to comment on bra sizes in the US - bra sizes are determined by proportion and actual boob mass.

Sizes and shapes vary enormously. They are proportional. One thing I think all women should do is go get professionally fitted for a bra. I feel they are too far apart and somewhat deflated looking. I am not the only one put down because of what the male population thinks as acceptable.

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I've never been pregnant. I was overweight all through my teens. As a teen I was much more self conscious of them than I am now. I'm proud I lost all that weight and learn to love my body just the way it is. My parents were both very thin at my age as well, and did not fill out until my mom got pregnant and my dad hit 40 or so, probably because those events slowed down their metabolism. I have been obsessing over my breasts for most of my life. Sometimes I think it would be more comfortable if they were smaller, but I have never considered breast-reduction.

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Here are my stats: Age: 22 Bra size: 32C or 32D depending on bra styles Body type: Slender, pear shape I have always struggled with thinking my breasts are too small for my body and proportions - I am skinny up top, but have wide hips. I asked what that was about once she left, and he said that she had asked him if I had started stuffing my bra, because anorexics don't have boobs like that.

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Thanks so much for this helpful site!!! I did a few weeks ago and I am so much more comfy in my bra. All Rights Reserved. I am happy with my breasts, to which I partly owe to this website - It's a real eye opener! I always wanted to have breast implants, but now I learn to live with them and love them! And it seem like my rib cage was too big for my little breasts.

I am almost 19 years old, Northern European, never been pregnant. I am not so bad the way I am.

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Right now come to a point where I feel breasts are the least of things that matter. I have thoroughly enjoyed your website and the message you are sending out: It's ok to be me! Luckily I have a husband who loves me the way I am, and found friends who think I'm beautiful inside and out.

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I have lost and gained weight over the past five years which has given me stretchmarks on my breasts. My nipples are pretty much all areola, but you can barely see the areola's color My opinion: is I'm very proud, and I love my breasts!

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I feel quite comfortable with my breasts, despite that the areola area is puffy and quite large, especially on the right breast.