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Whats your best 'accidentally saw someone naked" story?

Hahaha I have a twin brother but I haven't seen him naked since we were little! Whats your best 'accidentally saw someone naked" story? Oh, noo, I'd be thinking about the horror you lived, it would upset me, I'd surely get sick!

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Well there was a naked guy standing at the window and the lights inside were on. Xper 5. Two guys, fortunately.

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Girl, I cover my chest with a shawl when I go out. Have a nice day now perv. Did he see that you saw him? Add Opinion. I'm legit gagging right now. So I don't know if he really just didn't realize or what I don't even know what to make of my story! LittleAnnabelle Xper 4. Omg Little Annabella the same exact thing happened to me but I was 15 hahahaha.

Go into the kitchen to get some water. I was 9 and I just remember the fact. I just remember so much hair Ok, so I got home from work one day. I mean, Jesus, i'm blind. I was in vacation with my grandparents and we were renting this sort of house for 2 days and I opened the door to the bathroom.

Best part was i got away with it hassle free XD. Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First.

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And it was obv dark out so you could see him very clearly. Ugh yes, tell me about it sister. Accidentally saw my friends boobs when we both 15 in gym. Another time was when I walked in to the room and didn't noticed there's guys in there beforehand.

VeryDeepUsername opinions shared on Other topic. I walked in on my dad. Once, when I was 14, I went to my friend's house for a sleepover. I didn't know what to do so I threw my hands over my eyes and turned around until I got to the stairs. Share Facebook. It's only happened one time, and it was my dad.

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True fear. That would be so embarrassing. Yeah, i'm a pretty damn great sister. Driving by a large hotel at night, the windows were really big. I just walked in on my brother naked. He looked oblivious to it, too. Cmon, who doesn't put on a towel after they have done showering? I need an award please, like pssht, totally handed the situation brilliantly.

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Ew, can you please just walk away at a fast pace and never show yourself on one of my questions again. Then I just "nonchalantly" ran out of the room. Well don't mind me accidents happen all the time Still no? Show All Show Less. Kay Explorer. Well you have to have had the experience, you just have to!! PeachSunset Explorer. If I don't see anything I'll awkwardly stand there and say "Were you getting naked?

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That plan is by far better. My grandpa was taking a shit. She wasn't wearing a bra and she had no shame. Haha omg thats literally happened to me so many times bc sometimes i'm way too modest around other girls, bc i'm that type of girl who can be full on naked in front of another girl but if a guy sees like my shoulder i freak out.

Are you sure? You know what, waitttt, don't even tell me. Scarred for life.

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I mean really, who doesn't put a towel on after a shower? It'll get you a girl actually. She wants you to intentionally walk into a women's changing room then claim it was an accident. Not an image that you'd like to remember. I've been in that exact situation where my friend's siblings walked in on me changing.

I slowly go check out the noise TheAngryBanana Explorer. Yeah it definitely made things very awkward and I think that one incident dictated how much I was never able to view him as a father role Lol they must have been like "Ew!!

Oh, and don't forget the pictures. But ugh, i'd honestly love to wake up with amnesia right now.

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When I was younger my mom remarried and my stepdad liked to walk around like he owned the place I was around 8 and that was my first live visual of a penis. I would be too if omfg. He later called me down and had a talk with me about knocking.

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It still doesn't help, pervs will be pervs. I hear a noise in my room, my friend who had a key to my apt at the time must be here I figure. The upper one was just walking around, the below one. My mom was so pissed lol. Yup, one in the first and two in the second. AnOrdinaryGirl45 Yoda. Sounds good! What were they doing?

Whats your best 'accidentally saw someone naked" story?

Yes, please do, and get back to us. Thankfully enough, I don't. Shit : ". That night, when I walked out from the room to head downstairs to grab a drink, I saw her brother walking around naked and I was like "um 'cuse you?

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