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She pulls off her blouse and wraps is in her shirt and they then have sex Then, you see a guy with a rifle shoot down a model helicopter! Reaper 20 January The only possible reasons to watch this is if a you are a Brigitte Nielsen completist; or b you have a morbid desire to see the late Dana Plato's breasts my reason was the latter, but I've already come to terms with my sickness.

That's it.

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When this wife is brutally killed soon after, they naturally assume that the man did it--he had a motive and had acted very violent since the affair was publicized. Let me give the pros first. But I'm sure you can think of more useful ways to pass the time. KDWms 30 September I usually DON'T do this, to avoid being influenced.

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I happened to catch this while living in Costa Rica. She delivers some emotion not much in her readings, but you still wonder what she was doing here. She was killed off shortly after giving a canned speech to her husband the "action star". The late Dana Plato has a chance to shine in this mystery thriller. You know it's bad when Plato and Nielsen are the best actors in the film!! This 'film' stars Dana Plato and Brigitte Nielsen--and it has Oscar written all over it well, maybe not. The only conceivable reason to watch it is Lynn Lowry, who hasn't been seen much since the '70s.

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Horrible Mr Roboto 6 April And I've seen some BAD movies. The acting, mainly from Danny Fendley and Dana Plato, was simply atrocious. This might have been part of The Method, of course: he became an action star in his own mind and like all action stars, was incapable of delivering lines well. The script does not help this nude cast. I did not see the very beginning, so I had no idea who was in it, nor did I recognize the two big "stars" in it Nielsen and Plato when I saw them.

I COULD have picked others, but, this sounded like the flick to be certain Brigette fulfill my masochistic needs: you know And it met these expectations, primarily because of the dreadful acting. If you like nudity, this film might interest you. It's silly in terms of its plot, and plodding nielson its dialog. And, the story is so incredible that no cast could salvage it: An action star's wife is murdered; he's got a mistress; then, he goes from hating an intrusive reporter, to bangin' her, and maintaining his innocence via her program.

In. Strangely, Cinemax Skinemax is broadcast in San Jose, the capital city. As for the direction, it's fair to say that if Ed Wood had been alive, he might have been assumed to be the man in charge! Even the subtitle, "Murder in Hollywood" is wrong: this was filmed taped in Atlanta. Boy with that kind of plot, who needs acting?

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Gloriously bad Pookins 18 May I had the fortune to witness this "movie" recently and I can honestly say that it is THE nielson movie I've nude seen. Not counting her chest, she's shrill and uninteresting. Also displayed frequently was that tell-tale low-budget audio. It all has to do with Brigette world's most successful action-movie star getting caught in a murder conspiracy.

Initially, from the topless woman and bad acting, I thought it was a low budget soft-core porn flick, but this film could never hope to aspire to such lofty categorization [sarcastic remark 2]. I have seen him in other movies and there's just something about his style, or his delivery, or I don't know what, which I'd find better in much smaller doses. Then while watching the credits to identify the perpetrators of this cinematic terrorism, I finally realized the source of my unease.

Surely she had to know that even with nudity, this could not be a route back to Hollywood stardom.

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There is an attractive actress at the beginning who gets naked and then killed stupidly. While this film hasn't made the list due to having too few reviews for it to qualifyit's score of 1. Plus we're supposed to believe that scrawny, poodle-haired Fendley is a big action movie celebrity in this movie.

As the film progresses there are lots of naked sex scenes and that is about all this film has to offer, the acting is a disgrace and this really is the type of film production a porno studio would use as a story line and then of course the love making.

I am sure there are some guys with "Diff'rent Strokes" fetishes out there! I don't remember much of Brigitte Nielsen.

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If Edward Wood had lived another 20 years, he might have ended up directing this, and probably would have improved it. Talk about messed up.

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Amazing considering how hugely popular both are Brigette remark 1]. Plato plays a tabloid TV reporter, intent on scooping Fendley's affair by any means, including trespassing. Hearing Plato cursing like a nielson and behaving so rudely is just nasty And, speaking of nasty Brigitte Nielsen just looks pretty sad I never thought I'd feel sorry for this lady, but this film certainly made me feel bad for her. Danny Fendley, playing a "famous action star" looks about as buff as my very fat beagle. So what do they do?

Bad acting, bad script, bad cinematography, and non-existent production values add up to worthless dreck, even by direct-to-video standards. I think it is stolen from a satellite and relayed to a broadcast station, but don't tell anyone, OK? I need my bad movies. Yes, I said fortune, for it it is rare to see such a gloriously bad movie and I wholeheartedly enjoy the experience. MartinHafer 29 September The film is about a philandering actor whose affair is made public by a tabloid reporter who illegally videotapes him having sex with his actress co-star.

Plato fans will love it!!!! Possibly the big attraction to this film would be the appearance of Brigitte Nielsen, or Danny Fendley who plays the role of Rick Stone and is nude to Brigitte Michelle. You will not for a second believe that this guy could be the hottest actor in the world. Was this review helpful? The wife is naturally angry and publicly sues him for divorce. Compelling Evidence Hide Spoilers.

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In retrospect, she only furnishes leering pathos. This plainly unattractive yet wholesome looking woman making sleazy come-ons to this cheating jerk of a character just left me feeling odd.

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Naturally, Michelle wants a divorce and also every penny that Rich Stone owns. Anyway, it seems to be the only station in English with Spanish subtitles and since I was going through TV withdrawal, I sat back in the vacant hotel restaurant and watched. Actually, everything about this movie is absurd and unconvincing. How 'bout non-speaking roles?

The first two minutes reveal that this is some sort of soft-core porno action film--a really, really stupid one! Oooh, I see Oscar! The entire production is shoddy from start to finish. I felt the need to be more cynical, so, based on the reviews of it, I selected this cinematic masterpiece as the sole celluloid wonder which I had time to see that day.

But then, Danny Fendley does that to me. The acting in particular was horrible--very, very amateurish to say the least.

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She is also killed off in about 10 minutes. Somehow time has diminished this young lady's acting abilities and standards.

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It's actually just a crappy film shot with what seems like a home movie camera with nothing to recommend it, though I could see people watching it in the hope of possibly seeing Plato naked! This takes the cake. Besides not looking good in the part, he can't nielson very Brigette. But, considering how messed up Plato was at the time and that she died soon after, it's all too creepy for me--especially since Plato looks about 45 even nude she was only about she also bears a strong resemblance to Faye Dunaway in "Mommy Dearest".

Brigitte Nielsen looks really good in this film and actually acts capably. That's because as the film begins a couple is on the run and the man has an arm that is moderately bleeding. Poor Dana Plato. Dana Plato. Melissa Moore, who is topless in most of her scenes, looks like a topless action star. There is a reporter on a local tabloid newspaper who manages to photograph Rick in bed with a hot gal completely naked.

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Nielsen plays Fendley's wife who quickly dumps him after the affair is exposed on national TV. Shortly thereafter, Nielson shows up dead and the mystery begins. But it seems that she can't even degrade herself properly. So why did I watch this dumb film?

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There's nothing else to recommend about it.