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December 17, His fans expect great things from him and his editor, Louise, is hounding him. Instead of working, however, Dean spends his time searching for his Argentine lover Pablo, who went out one night for cigarettes and never came back. Labels: actor frontal Antonio Sabato Jr. David Sutcliffe Testosterone.

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Also, he knew how in lust I was with him, and he loved it. Some features on this site require a subscription.

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I was shocked at how free his nudity was fitness at the Arclight. And that le me to believe that any television actor who uses a communal shower has a bit of an exhibitionistic streak. My beautiful blond jock friend's 18th birthday present to me was dropping his pants and letting me look at his hard cock.

When I walked into the locker room from the shower, he was just finishing drying off--and pulled on his pants sans underwear.

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Hi all--I'm glad most of you believe me. And when you say he "kept washing out his ass", was he spreading his cheeks to soap it up? Lot of pubic hair--which lead nicely to treasure trail, onto his stomach, and dark hair on his chest. It did seem like a scene out of Take Me Out, now that you mention it.

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Seemed unaffected by oogling. If you can't find the you can resend it here. I hope I can catch him naked sometime. He caught my eye once, but just continued washing his ass and arching his back. Oh Gurls!! David S. I can't think of any straight men I know who like to shower in public and be ogled by gay men.

What kind of mattress do you sleep on, and what food or drugs did you take before having that dream?

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It was all true. We are changing the scheme for contributors for simpler and to better support using multiple devices. Balls--not hairy, but of good size.

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And with water flowing all over his body, and suds streaming everywhere, I have enough jerk-off material for a few weeks! Wanna know more--ask. And an ass--well, let's just say --I'd like to be those jeans! Why not just go all the way and say 9 or 10 inches.

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Lo and behold my day got MUCH better, as he entered the shower across from me about 6 feet awaytook off his towel, and starting lathering up. Button-flys--no briefs! The file is. He then toweled off in the common area--for even more people to see. Can I just say he looks amazing--both clothed and nude.

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In fact, I almost told him I enjoyed his performance in Testosterone, as he left the locker room, but I already had a perfect ending--cock and balls, that I had just seen, rubbing up against his jeans. Hello and thank you for registering. Some features on this site require registration. He was a show-er in the shower, and not afraid to be seen.

I thought "wow. I'm still surprised he was so public about it.

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I believe OP. There are lots of celebrity types that work out there due to the location. A of "celebrities" go to the gym--and most do not use the shower. Hello and thank you for being a DL contributor. Was his crack hairy?

Here are some clips of David from Testosterone. That furriness flowing out of his collar makes me think it would be, unless he subjects it to some david of depilatory procedure. At the end of my workout, he was bending over, and stretching, so I got a good view of his ass as I walked naked the steps.

Never saw him at the gym before. And his ass--beautiful! Of course, it's also a piece of shit, but those guys seducing each other and getting it on was the kind of sexual heat you usually only see in straight movies. Sutcliffe is the sexiest gay-themed movie ever made.

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I was getting hard across from him. Jesus Christ, OP, you come here to report this which is wonderful of you, by the way, and certainly one of the purposes of this wonderful site's existence and then it's like pulling fucking teeth to get any details out of you! OP here--not a dream, although it felt like one. Seriously, any Canadian no matter where they are in the world, knows where the closest hockey rink is.

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Not thick--but long. But that was just his size! Was he a show-er in the shower? And that includes Jared Padalecki and Milo Petrelli. The ice hockey must explain his legs. Because you find that kind of heat in real life among gorgeous gay men, but you rarely see it in the movies.

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And the link works for me. He is truly hot. He's married to a woman now, and I do believe he has always liked the pussy; I think he's just a narcissist who gets turned on by exhibitionism. He's even more gorgeous in person--very expressive face, unlike many actors and their flat faces.

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But then again he won't care, he loves people looking at him, men and women. When I named the file I forgot Sutcliffe's name and that's why it's called 'daniel Didn't always move with him--so it made it very, very obvious. OP here. He is cute. You know what, I believe you OP. David Sutcliffe is such an obscure name and actor, that you just couldn't be lying.

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Here goes R Dick: Cut--at least inches, flopping around. His crack was slightly hair.

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OP here--I could tell he was straight because of the way he kept washing out his ass. Ok--figured out how to make my name OP so don't always have to say OP here. There was a time when you couldn't get poor Vivian out of the men's communal shower - rigor mortis, you know.

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Also seems very nice. They are quite big--almost like dancer's legs. I've watched Testosterone an embarassing of times, oblivious to all else and there is much to be ignored but the good looks of David Sutcliffe and Buenos Aires. His ass looks nice, as does his hairy body, mmmmm.

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Geez, OP, at least make it believeable. And yes--he was spreading his checks, and arching his back to let the water hit his ass more directly. And if they do, they are careful not to show a thing! Size, shape, color, heft, bounce, hairiness level He also went "commando. Usually the "actor-types" are in swim-suits or don't turn around.

It was such a show-er that at one point I thought he was a-growin. There seemed nothing erotic about it to him--but of course, to me, it was. He was working out right by me--and I kept getting distracted.

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This isn't about the fact that the actors may have been, in addition to gorgeous, straight I have no idea what there story is but I'm anticipating a bithcy DL counterargument that reeks of political correctness but is just lame invective. I am gonna tell David he is not safe in the locker rooms! Also swung in tandem with his dick as he was washing out his ass. Hot, OP! I've seen him at my gym also Gold's Hollywood and have even seen him in the locker room, but never naked. I think any television actor would know that if he uses a communal shower, there is a likelihood that he is being scrutinized, and certainly some likelihood that somebody's gonna post about it online.

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He was totally naked--and totally unashamed! But he is straight, believe me. When you are Canadian you are born with a hockey stick in your hand. Maybe he wasn't nude in Testosterone--I know Sabato was.