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So a massive flame war has been ongoing between Keemstar and other Youtubers. Allegations have been made against Keemstar saying he is a pedophile, racist, a hypocrite, a career destroyer, and fabricates information. Of course Keemstar claims these allegations are false and that he is being targeted. But out of these allegations, what of it is true and where is the proof? This is the first article in a multi-article series providing evidence from both Keemstar and other YouTubers on allegations currently against Keemstar.

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Recently GradeA brought it up in his Anti-Keemstar video. Keemstar allegedly said "I don't care" and the girl eventually did it. Created Jan 9, Top posts june 27th Top posts of june, Top posts Back to Top. Yes this is the video the Op is talking about it just doesn't have keem in it.

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This is a pretty well known and particularly disturbing story of Keemstar's past. Thanks though. He said something along the lines of "Do it if you're a real fan!

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I just can't find it anymore. Nah, that's not it. Skip to I know this post is old, but I believe you are talking about this video.

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More posts from the fuckkeemstar community. Keemstar made 15 year old strip on live stream - Proof? So basically: A guy who used to work with Keemstar and was also a friend of his told how he, Keem and other people were doing a live stream when this young fangirl came up.

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The friendship was understandably not the same as before and eventually they lost contact. I listened to the vid quite a while bad, like a year or so Does anybody have a link to the original video or does anyone know if it was taken down? Is this it?

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I only write this from my recollection. But it's the one.

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Making it short: I remember hearing this story in a video from a commentary channel, I think it was Scarce but I'm not sure, could've been just a similar channel. Fuck Keemstar. Found the internet!

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Sort by: best. She was super hyped and wanted some attention.