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It seems every time he does something involving a woman these days, someone screams. It was meta, get it? Another funny, spur of the moment thing happened on that show.

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Consult your doctor; you may require additional oxygen and muscle relaxants. New cover and comments by Frank Cho, along with the first-ever public appearance of uncensored versions of the strips! And it all happened while Oscar was still a puppy.

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But now Oscar is growing up and he's ready for that traditional rite of passage into adult doghood! The extreme humor! But there are fifty six excruciating laughs, racking guffaws, severe chortles, intense snickers, agonizing cackles, throbbing giggles, racking snorts, fierce titters, overwhelming howls, splitting roars, painful grins and sharp smiles. Is Frank Cho paying this many people to say nice things about him?

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Smile at the playful cuteness in the interactions between Oscar the wiener dog and Truman the duckling. Issue One begins with the first Liberty Meadows strip and includes nearly eight weeks of dailies and Sunday strips, all reproduced from the original art, large enough to see every loving detail from the master hand of Frank Cho!

This item is not in stock. During its time in daily syndication, Liberty Meadows built a following who couldn't get enough of the sexy Brandy and the meadows of her funny-animal friends. How are you going to find the time to giggle at Frank as he encounters Brandy's nude fiance? Do you think a comic artist could afford that kind of money? In the aftermath of the fire that destroyed the Liberty Meadows liberty preserve, all the critters are faced with the challenge of learning to live with their human caretakers.

This is the perfect literature to keep in your bathroom just tell your friends that all the noise was from you laughingwith art so beautiful it could hang on a gallery wall!

Frank cho's liberty meadows…

Eight more weeks of beautiful Brandy, timorous Frank and all the outrageous critters of Liberty Meadows. But you can afford to buy an issue of Liberty Meadows, for the art and for the laughs. Iced onto to your toilet? August 29, Cover art by Frank Cho. Most scripts and art by Cho. Portrait of a Loser; Frank is tongue-tied in the presence of Brandy. But they wouldn't print Frank's infamous "Marc DeRail" story that appears complete in this issue!

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Either Frank Cho is paying these people great sums of money or Liberty Meadows is filled with genuine gut-busting humor, endearing characters and some of the most beautiful art to ever find its way into a comic book. We warned you about the hilarious effects of reading extended segments of this syndicated newspaper strip. Auction in progress, bid now! This issue features a new cover and commentary by Frank Cho.

One newspaper that carries Frank Cho's critter-filled comic strip is the Washington Post.

Liberty meadows cover girl

This issue includes strips from Dec 7, through Jan. People like it. Thrill to the wild antics of Ralph, the midget circus bear, and Leslee, the hypochondriac bullfrog as they push the limits of good taste and personal safety.

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The cute little doggie who won all the hearts of millions of Liberty Meadows fans all over the world. Watch as Dean, the substance-abusing, chauvinistic pig proves that he's got the worst collection of pick-up lines any self-respecting woman has ever heard.

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We warned you that prolonged exposure would induce uncontrollable spasms of laughter. Didn't pay your heating bill again? We warned you how funny Liberty Meadows is. Then when the second issue came out there were even more readers!

Please follow me!

Oh, the humanity! So we are now publishing Liberty Meadows every month! They laugh when they read about exploding toilets and weiner dog races.

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This issue features a new cover and comments by Frank Cho, as well as comments from readers on just why these are their favorite Liberty Meadows strips. They just can't read one issue. New cover and introduction by Frank Cho! Containing strips from July 13? And now you've been warned: If you thought Liberty Meadows was funny in nude and white, then you had better pay up on your insurance because there are two more color Sundays to each and every issue! And they tell all of their meadows to read Liberty Meadows! Well Monkey Boy? Spend your holidays with Frank Cho as he adds a new cover and commentary to this issue that is bursting at the staples with strips from May 3, through June 19, Oscar; the wiener dog everyone loves!

This issue includes strips from January 25,through March 13, If you discount great sex, it doesn't get any better than issue 15 of Liberty Meadows! If you use the "Add to want list" tab to add this issue to your want list, we will you when it becomes available. Read Liberty Meadows and see the new cover and commentary by Frank Cho, along with uncensored versions of this very popular liberty First printing.

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And let your eyes pop out of your head at the drop-dead gorgeous Brandy? The arcane information! Where will you grab a minute to chuckle at the crazed critters of Liberty Meadows? This issue also includes a new installment of Marc Hemple's Naked Brain? New cover and commentary by Frank Cho.

Don't even try to send us the medical bill, 'cause you were warned! This issue includes a new cover, two-color s, and commentary by Frank Cho. You'll also be laughing your butt off because Marc Hempel brings you an added feature: Naked Brain! With eight more weeks of beautiful brandy, timorous Frank, and all of the outrageous critters of Liberty Meadows.

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This hot, new Ignatz Award- winning series is full of all the warm humor and outrageous antics you've come to expect from Frank Cho's psychologically disturbed critters. By Frank Cho. When Liberty Meadows got dropped from the Washington Post, thousands of readers protested with letters, e-mail, and phone calls!

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But you wouldn't listen. Can Frank Cho make people laugh?

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Then they keep voting awards for Frank Cho; the Charles Schulz award, the Scripps-Howard award, two Ignatz awards, and now they have nominated him for an Eisner award. They have to buy another and another. That means there's more time in the day for all the crazy critters of the world's most outrageous animal refuge to get themselves in trouble. In response to hundreds of requests, this exceptional issue contains all of your favorite strips, daily and Sundays, as voted on by you!

New cover by Frank Cho. Every bathroom deserves one! Jurassic Fowl; Leslie plays with dinosaurs. It was the largest-ever response to a change on the Post's comic. In winter months, in the freezing cold, snow, and ice, Liberty Meadows now offers you more than one source of heat.

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Well, before you throw that comic book onto the fire, make sure it isn't the latest copy of Liberty Meadows! What an achievement! The Cartoon Carnage! You decide! It might work Meanwhile, rebuilding is blocked by budget- slashing bureaucrats, leaving the future of Liberty Meadows in doubt!

Thousands of fans from around the world have written to tell us that Liberty Meadows is the most hilarious comic strip that they have ever read.


Now you can laugh until you turn blue in the face! When will you recover from your Heimlich Maneuver moment brought on by reading about the "Great Beaver Hunt? No, in spite of our warning you bought out every single copy we printed of the first issue. Marc DeRail: Cross- dressing nature expert! Under prolonged use, Liberty Meadows has proven to be highly addictive in millions of willing test subjects around the world.

Marc DeRail: Animal Lover!