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Body meshes for males and females. Credits: dumbaby. Note: If you see some asperities with the top mesh after installation, click any base body preset that automatically averages the general parameters of the body like body thickness and muscles. With these parameters mesh will look exactly as smooth as on the previews. Sims4-nude-skins Sims4-nude-skins.

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Quote Post by JohnL83 » November 18th,pm Not sure where to put this, but the misc chatterbox seems like an okay place. Sorry, this month is my 1 year anniversary of ever playing the sims and of ever modifying a game like this. From the default ones you can only have one, not all of them.

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I've been over to the TSR website downloading a few new hairstyles and a few clothes and I noticed many of the sims in the pictures the men at least have nipples. I'd at least like the top half of my sims to look normal. This would be really important if the sim and compositor types of caches are still holding onto stale data.

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So I Googled this and found out there is somewhere you can download these 'skins" so your sims are anatomically correct. But I didn't have any luck finding just where to go and the one website I did find seemed like there was no active members and I couldn't find how to download what I was wanting or the one I did manage to download I couldn't make it work. That is there and works fine in my game. Post by SillySimmerGirl » November 18th,pm.

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The women with are blurred anyway unless you have decensor and anyone can go to the pool or turn on the TV and see every guy has them so it's not like it's something dirty. Steam vs. I will check them out. Search Forums. Post Reply.

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Post by Mandelyn » November 19th,am. I get why EA wouldn't give them all their parts, but why wouldn't our sims at least have nipples? Time: 0. Now all are anatomically correct.

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You can have different ones for each gender though so you can mix an match. I was shocked when I first saw my male sim naked and he didn't have all his parts LOL Anyway, with the help of others on this site I installed these mods. Also my build version is 1. Post by JohnL83 » November 19th,am.

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Post by littlelambsy » November 18th,pm. I extracted the files to my mods packages folder and they are there, but when I load the game it's the same Ken and Barbie doll bodies. Log me on automatically each visit. Default replacement skin? Trademarks are the property of their respective sims. Post by arathea » November 19th,am. And here is something remotely similar to the cartoon style of EA, but more detailed. The original catch all.

The other three are safe to install all at once, they just add more skin tone options in CAS but don't alter the existing ones. Quote Post by Mandelyn » November 19th,am And did you download a default replacement skin? Quote Post by igazor » November 18th,pm Sometimes it takes a while, as in a few loadups of the game, for default body and skin naked changes to take effect male for already existing sims. I did download a CMAR mod before because I recognized the name and it's a pregnancy morph for pregnant males.

And only 1 for each gender.

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Post by JohnL83 » November 18th,pm. Naked Sims?

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If it wasn't a default replacement you would need to manually replace the skin, as the ea one is the default, on every single sim. Where do I find that? Quote Post by arathea » November 19th,am Following that link to Cmar's blog, there are six files to download, three of them labeled as default. General game help, banter, things you should probably put in the correct forum, This is the place.

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Quote Post by littlelambsy » November 18th,pm I use Cmar's adult skins found here. Post by igazor » November 18th,pm. I don't equate nudity with sex anyway and IMO it's hardly even in the same category other than one is generally naked when woohooing. Then what?

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Help Mods Contribute. Game content and materials copyright Electronic Arts Inc. All Rights Reserved. Have you cleared the five cache files on the top level of your TS3 user game folder in Documents? I have a lot of none default skins in my game for slightly different looks on sims.

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