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The pain intensified as he began the slow rhythm of fucking me.

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Older comments. He continued rubbing against that spot over and over. I was nervous and excited. Notify me of follow-up comments by .

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My curiosity got the better of me and I found myself walking toward the showers, heart pounding, pulse beating through my skull. That was decades ago. But that guy made me question it. I guy walked up to the locker next to mine and I noticed when he slid his swim pants off that he was hung like a horse.

She says that we all fall somewhere along the Kinsey Scale.

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I wanted to touch it. I removed my towel and let my partial erection show.

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Comment Name Website Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. He reached into his bag and pulled out a condom and confidently walked away toward the showers without saying a word.

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I have shared this story with my counselor. My head jerked back in pain. I entered the show area and saw him standing by the partially closed curtain with his cock in his hand and the condom covering his shaft.

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I was the last of a few people left prior to the gym closing. It really felt good as he did this I started stroking stroking my cock. He reached over and placed his hand on my cock and began stroking.

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I was so embarrassed that i covered myself with a towel. He placed his hand firmly on my cock and began stroking as he slid in and out of me. I had never touched another man in and intimate way ever before.

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He paced quickened as we came at about the same time. Notify me of new posts by. This happened to me when I was 27 and engaged to married within 2 months. When he did this I became fully erect. Neither of us had said a word to each other throughout the entire event. I was shocked at what he did next.

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Mr Cox. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Just the sight of him doing this may me more erect. Attachments The maximum file size: 1, MB. You can : imageaudiovideodocumentspreheetinteractivetextarchivecodeother. If you would like to be featured in a future edition…. He was changing as quickly as I was. I was yelling at myself in my head to walk away.

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When it comes to you and your sexuality, you are the absolute fucking expert, butt, when it comes to someone else's and their sexuality you are absolutely not. As if nothing had happened. All it took was him raising a single hand with his index finger drawing my attention in his direction. I do have a of massages hawaiian and tantric, I wish they all went a bit further…. Hi, I am Str8 married man.

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I was intrigued by his size and more intrigued by the fact that I noticed myself becoming erect. This peaked my curiosity even more. I was facing the locker lined up on the back wall so I was pretty well hidden. After about 5 minutes he was able to get his cock past the painful sphincter ring and slowly pushed himself all the way to the hilt. Drop files here. Anon Even More Coxology. He took a step closer and continued stroking each other.

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He looked down at my obvious growing erection and began stroking his cock. The shower was running and he removed my towel and turned me around.

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But I am nervous. Click any photo to begin!

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As I was standing there facing the wall his feet pushed my feet apart as his fingers entered me as he began lubricating virgin territory. Was he wanting me to follow him to the showers? The Fucking Expert When it comes to you and your sexuality, you are the absolute fucking expert, butt, when it comes to someone else's and their sexuality you are absolutely not.

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There was nobody around us. I did have great hawaiian in…. He reached into his bag hanging on the wall pulled out what was obviously lubricant. When it was over I was mortified. Drop files here Notify me of follow-up comments by. He continued doing this for about five minutes until I felt something larger than his fingers entering me. The straight guy who never once looked at another man in a sexual way. I enter the stall at his direction. As he pace picked up so did the stroking of his hand on my cock. By showing me his condom only meant one thing.

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But I was attracted to him. He was actually going to fuck me? Either he wanted to fuck me or vice versa.