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Cher Scarlett, former Blizzard employee and current technical lead at Starbucks, came forward Wednesday night with a Medium post that explained the years of alleged sexual harassment she endured from a person known in the community only as Uncleswagg, a moderator for popular Overwatch channels on Twitch and well-known figure. Scarlett detailed Unlceswagg's alleged continuous harassment against her and other female Twitch streamers. She accused him of re-ing and redistributing private nude photos of the women, which were somehow obtained by former romantic partners. Scarlett's article came after Uncleswagg was stripped of his mod status on the Overwatch League channel with no information as to why.

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How about a pose pack you never knew you wanted? This Japanese Culture Trait mod adds exactly that, a hidden trait that can be improved upon. Like what you see? Well, the very specific Stand Up Comedy mod will allow your sim to do just that. Qbuilderz has modded up a lovely array of new artworks to hang around.

Like realism in your Sims 3? Couple that with the More Realistic Dining mod and you can get your sim eating faster or slower. Oh and here are edible onigiri and white rice mods.


Ever make a sim and have a crisis while trying to decide which traits to leave out and which to include? Either way, you can check out a ton of more poses here. Or just someone new to woohoo. Either way, this mod is for you. But, for the sake of being specific, here are some lovely modern des that you might be interested in:.

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Or maybe awkward and humiliating interactions? Luckily, The Simsmodding community is absolutely massive. The gadgets that they build will depend on your family member knowing how to make it first. Ever want to live out a sitcom-esque scenario with your sims?

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Perhaps they spend all their time dreaming of being a stand-up legend? The possibilities are endless. Your sims can work on basically just a bunch of junk and turn it into a one of a kind car by the end of it all.

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Finally, you can roleplay The Oregon Trail! With University Life came the ability for your sims to protest up a storm. It could become annoying for your game if it got buggy.

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Anyway, this mod makes that whole process a bit faster so that you can get your sims in that cool car in no time. Are your sims total hogs? Grab the Painting Pandemonium mod to introduce a wealth of new paintings into your sim home. Perfect for the vehicle loving sims in your life.

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The Sims 3 has maybe, like, three great haircuts. For hardcore The Sims 3 players, the game can get pretty formulaic and easy. Have a sim that wants to make it as a comedy writer? Want some more passionate and romantic options? This allows you to stack up items and also have your stuff blend into the environment easily. The Sims 3 was so good that even with The Sims 4 released in the world, players all over still go back to the beloved game.

Like, well-deed ones that keep up with current trends. Ever want your sims to dance formally?

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This overwatches a new level for your sims to be able to get into anime and allow for that nude of roleplaying. Also, grab this locked treasure chest that works the same way as the door to make a portable solution to your hoarding needs. This mod adds a skill based career, the skill necessary, and a microphone that allows sims to tell a slew of jokes or comedy routines. Want a bit of challenge in acquiring money?

The sims will go on with their lives, getting married, breaking up, falling in mods, changing jobs, having babies, buying houses, literally everything. It adds a huge game of chance every time you want your sims to do it. Traits, zodiac s, and rewards are now also thrown into the mix, making the attractions at least a little more realistic for your sim to find their missing puzzle piece.

How about a bit of violence and aggression?

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No longer will you be limited to buzz cut or super extravagant hairstyles. Looking for a nice, modern graveyard? The Woohooer mod has it all for your horny sims! No longer can anyone go back to the vanilla game after installing at least this mod. Protests could form literally in the most random locations by a group of people. Subtle differences with this mod will really up the game.

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They act as though they have all the money in the world to blow, taking taxis to go across the street. That last one really changes up the game and is the main reason to want to get it. Ever want a sweatshop? It can get annoying as constant messages pop up letting you know of the new story progressions, but you can shut them off.

Well, now your sims can study skills as easily as you can with the Study Skills Online mod.

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Just hop your sim onto a PC, tablet, or smartphone and start studying. Higher definition, better contouring, eyes look far more realistic, and the eyebrows are hella on fleek now. Qbuilderz also discovered two techniques to really up your decorating game: geoblending and aerostacking. Check out even more artworks to add to The Sims 3 over here. Do they absolutely hate sharing? Can you survive off of a starting point of zero simoleons? Additionally, it lowers the time it takes to cook food to begin with. Raises will also only be a 0.

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This mod will let your sims let their anime flag fly by adding a channel for animation. Check out our other Sims mods pieces after you read this best Sims 3 mods post:. Yes, you can complete your Miley Cyrus sim by giving her a twerking pose. Why should your sim be restricted to a couple of traits? Well, then these two mods will definitely be for you. Make sure your sims are always fresh to death with a variety of hair mods. Sure, you might have a few options for the shorter fences, but this is your first ever chance to get a short chain-link fence.

Ever feel like sims were weirdly distant on a couch? Have a sports loving sim? Say hello to your savior, Overwatch. Something your sims will be happy to totally get buried in?

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Or, if your sims are married, they can do some super cute marriage poses. Whereas before it seemed to be a random occurrence to have two sims find each other attractive or it relied on your sim being in tuned with her or his skillsthe Retuned Attraction mod makes it rely on moodlets when two sims meet. But it will allow you to hire a factory service worker that will make gadgets and gizmos galore for you.

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Sims are weird with their sudden growth spurts periodically throughout their lives. That means that mods are essential to the experience, as it is an older game at this point and many of the vanilla features can seem outdated. Their one goal in life to make it in sports? Like The Sims 4 included!

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Oh, and your sims can increase their Woohoo skill and get better and better at it. Sims being unable to get sick until The Sims 3: Seasons was a bummer, so this modder busted out the Diseases Dysentery and Dramatitis mod. Here she has a modern graveyard that you can plot down somewhere on your town.