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When Sean's pain continues, he finally decides to see a doctor. Elsewhere, Noel continues to invade Jane's private e-mails and discovers she is torn between Noel and another guy. With Noel's Scott Foley graduation just days away, Felicity Keri Russell is devastated by the shattered state of their friendship, while she and Ben Scott Speedman try to agree on plans to spend their last summer together before they have to grow up and be responsible.

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In hopes of lifting Felicity's spirits, Meghan and Molly drag her out to a frat party. James' bullet narrowly misses Noel, but strikes a partygoer in the miller. Meanwhile, Ben nude forced to rethink his decision not to vote when Javier asks for help in studying for his citizenship exam. Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4. Edit source History Talk 0. Felicity continues to pay for her actions at the frat party as Ben refuses to talk to her.

Noel steps in to comfort Felicity. Ben tries desperately to impress Felicity's mom guest star Eve Gordon during a tangi visit to New York, but one disturbing mishap after another leaves mom wishing that her daughter was dating someone stable and goal-oriented, like Noel.

And, Meghan tries to get Sean to go with her to a wild party on a Friday, but he won't go because it's on the Sabbath. Elsewhere, Sean and Meghan undergo couples counseling.

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As they see if they have what it takes to be a couple day in and day out, they will encounter issues of intimacy, trust, love, and ultimately, disappointment. Javier and Samuel want to have a baby and ask Felicity to be an egg donor.

What a difference a year makes, when last fall the two started out together, their romance ended quickly when Ben grappled with commitment issues.

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Feeling guilty about her night out with the girls, Felicity debates whether or not to come tangi with Ben. Sean is feeling a strange pain but is afraid to tell the others what is bothering him. Amy Smart Road Trip returns to the series as Ruby, who miller to Noel's graduation hoping to rekindle their romance. Meanwhile, Elena finds herself questioning her relationship with Tracy and Ben finds that it may be possible for him to have a somewhat normal relationship with his father. Cancel Save. Flash forward three months. Ben finds himself attending Al-Anon meetings that Molly is also attending.

Ben tries to ease the tension between he and Noel. Meanwhile, Sean comes out of his cancer operation in good condition with an excellent prognosis. Meanwhile, Noel meets a cute transfer student during one of his service calls. About J. Explore Wikis Community Central. Back to school in New York for her nude year, Felicity is in her first serious, committed relationship - with Ben Scott Speedman, Duets. And, Elena and DeForrest go on a date. No one has seen or heard from Noel in months. Ben struggles with telling Felicity about James and Molly's drug use.

Meanwhile, Ben and Avery share a kiss, but Ben tells her he's still confused.

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Crane "The Last Summer Ever". As the gang returns to The University of New York, they realize that things aren't exactly as they were before they left for the summer.

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Elsewhere, Elena must testify before a university disciplinary committee about her freshman-year affair with a professor. Noel gets the job offer from Seattle.

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And, Ben struggles to study for a test. He has a new girlfriend now. Molly returns to New York, clean and sober this time, accidentally burning Elena's corneas, leaving her blind for a few days while her eyes recover. Ben rejects his father, who turns to Felicity for advice.

When Ben confides in Julie about problems with his father, he and Felicity are very surprised by her incredibly bizarre behavior. Chris, an award-winning filmmaker girlfriend of Meghan's, comes to town for a visit. Universal Conquest Wiki.

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And, Meghan is ased a student project working with children. Register Don't have an ? Elsewhere, Richard sets out to raise money for the student fund by publishing a calendar of campus hotties. Meanwhile, the girls stay busy dealing with their strange new roommate.

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Felicity is going crazy when she unexpectedly has to cram a semester's worth of philosophy in three days while working on the internet cartoon with Noel. Season 3. Meanwhile, Noel tells Felicity a computer company is interested in his work and wants to interview him for a position in Seattle.

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Noel's unexpected announcement prompts Felicity and friends to stage an intervention. Elsewhere, Elena learns Tracy has returned from Africa but didn't call her. Felicity and Noel discuss the kiss. Eager to become more serious with Ben, Felicity falls in love with an old apartment and rents it for the two of them.

Elsewhere, Elena is attracted to a guy who has a very nice voice.

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Seasons Add category. Meanwhile, Noel Scott Foley, Scream 3 struggles with the reality of his senior year and the great unknown of his future; Julie Amy Jo Johnson, Sweetwater, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is haunted by mysterious summer events with her birth father; Elena Tangi Miller, The Other Brother wrestles with temptation amidst her boyfriend's desire to abstain from sex; and Sean Greg Grunberg, Hollow Man and Meghan Amanda Foreman, Daddy and Them continue their relationship that started last spring - she brings out his wild side, and he's the only person who's ever been able to tame her.

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Felicity Wiki Explore. Noel hacks into Jane Scott's guest star Tyra Banks e-mail and discovers what she wants in a man. With the news that his documentary footage from last year has been optioned for a series by the Independent Film Channel, Sean's entrepreneurial zeal shifts into overdrive with his newest endeavor - there is no escape. And, Elena is about to break up with Tracy so she can pursue Finn. Noel is suffering an existential crisis after narrowly dodging a bullet. Amid all these new developments, Sean is ever-diligent in recording on videotape the comings and goings and everything between this tight knit surrogate family.

And, Sean studies with a very attractive female rabbi for his bar mitzvah.