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I met a gorgeous blonde the other day. I was in my car when I saw her fighting with a guy, storming out of his vehicle. There she was, hot and alone, so I pulled over and asked if she was ok. She started complaining about meeting a weirdo through a dating app.

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You could tell by her face that my hot wife was enjoying herself as I was drilling her from behind like I was a pump action shotgun and she was a target from less than a foot away. She was sucking me so well that I was just speechless with how much pleasure I was getting.

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Her perfect jugs were sliding against my face as we fucked. Soon I got to fuck her tits and boy did I enjoy it. From my position on the floor I could look into the living room where my girlfriend was sleeping. This is without doubt the hottest teen slut ever, a sexy bitch with beautiful tits, a firm ass and long legs.

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After sightseeing about Paris, Eiffel tower, Seine river cruise, etc the horny wife called for the amazing French woman to keep them company. She got between my legs and started sucking me off like a real pro in porn movies. I saw my girlfriend getting water from the fridge and I decided to prank her, sneaking up behind her and spooking her, making her drop her water all over her blouse.

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I was harder faster than you can say big tits. She loves her husband and they have always prioritised their desires before anything else — without exceptions. After a while, he flipped the girl over and started fucking her pussy with her friend holding her legs. Then, his beautiful naked wife got up on that dick and started to ride it while the girl licked and rubbed her pussy and asshole.

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A man came to Paris with his beautiful wife for a vacation. I loved shoving my cock deep inside her over and over as she felt that it was going inside her inch by inch. I was blessed with a wife that has a sex drive like a rabbit and she can always go for a fuck. A beautiful threesome with two beautifuls women! She sucks like a sex goddess and all I had to do was relax so I ended up lying on the carpet and letting her continue.

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Sweet asses, tempting buttholes, lovely fuzzy pussies. She removed her wet shirt and continued giving me head, rubbing her tits. Fortunately she did not see us naked and fucking right next to her.

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The babe kept her legs spread while I banged her and I stimulated her clit with my fingers, making her gasp for air as her bogy squirmed and trembled with passion and lust for my hard cock. She started riding me like the sluttiest cowgirl ever. Then my beautiful blonde girlfriend started playing with her tits and my dick went absolutely crazy.

My cock sprang up like a Jack in the Box and she took it in her hands, stroking it and saying my girl was right, my cock was huge!

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After she was done playing with them I decided that it was time for me to have a go at them. She popped one ball in her mouth, sucked it gently, and then popped it out to start on the other. Every time I see them I go absolutely nuts. Maybe a correct term would be that she fucked me as she was the one riding but I digress. It was time for it to show the caliber at which it worked and so I shot my hot cum dead on her face.

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She got bolder yet, and decided to fuck me right next to my sleeping girlfriend! She loves to tease me with her perfect breast as she slowly reveals her tits one by one. Oh shit oh shit oh shit… I thought.

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First, I fucked her doggy style, then I fucked her shaved cunt missionary, after which I fucked her in the cowgirl position. She likes to find the perfect girl to suit both of their needs every so often — and their vacation in Paris is no exception. He started fucking the girl even faster to reach an orgasm and after a while pulled his dick out and spread his cum all over those charming French faces. He got so horny that he pulled his dick out and got the most stimulating French blowjob ever. It was obvious that she had a certain technique to the whole things which made everything so much better.

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She took one boob out and then the other one and I could only stare in awe. His wife slapped her ass and squeezed those round butt cheeks. And so I started sucking on them and playing with them. He did a great job pleasuring those two cock-hungry ladies! I loved fucking her hard and she was taking it so hard up her pussy from every angle that it was only a matter of time before I came all over her amazing tits as I already came once in her mouth. Since her shirt was drenched, her roommate unbuttoned it right in front of me!

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I licked her asshole really well and I was ready to have a go at her pussy. I spread her legs and leaned down between them, kissing and eating and tonguefucking her beautiful pussy. My hot wife can suck and she did just that as she went down on her knees after I gave her oral so that she could repay me with an amazing blowjob.

She stripped down to her lingerie, popping her big tits over her bra and pulling her panties to the side, lying back on the coffee table with her legs spread wide open and motioned me with her fingers, showing me her pink pussy. My girlfriend has some of the most amazing tits out of all the women in the entire world.

Both girls rode his dick and his face together. Sexy girl-play.

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She began kissing the head of my cock. She started sucking and I felt like I was in heaven. The French girl gave her best to make an impression and sucked that cock like a true queen. I apologized profusely, and she said it was okay as we went back to the living room, where my girlfriend was, sleeping on the couch. She told me to stay quiet and that this would be our little secret, as she licked and sucked my raging erection.

And believe me when I say that I had plenty of inches to give her. I wasted no time and slid my throbbing cock inside her wet cunt and started to pound her hard in missionary position. Man, I could see her big tits under her skimpy bra and it gave me a boner!

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I guided my erect cock slowly between her thighs, feeling her wet vagina with my dick head. Love this FFM threesome in Paris.

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I loved every single stroke of her hand as well as every single time she put it in her mouth. The girls went straight to business and started to kiss each other beautifully. I thrusted harder, deeper and faster, pausing for a moment to ensure that my girl was still asleep.

Remember that pump action shotgun? She had to take it and she was happy taking it. The room was quiet and I could only hear the sound of flesh slapping into flesh as my hips slammed into her round ass.

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Finally, I lied down and she climbed on top of me. Sneaky sex turned us both on even more. I was cheating on a girlfriend for the first time. Eventually, I came back to earth and decided that it was time for me to return the favor. After a while, the girls took him inside and continued sucking him on the bed.

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Tori is a total seductress! We went to the kitchen so we could have more privacy but suddenly I saw my girlfriend sleepwalked to the kitchen! The feel amazing and you can tell that she likes it when I play with them I kept one going and she was getting pretty horny at this point.

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She likes to tease the camera with her gorgeous eyes, her sexy moves, stripping off her red dress, sucking on her fingers and tapping her dripping wet snatch in front of the camera. Today she did just that as she was hiding them behind a white towel. I was hoping to get lucky with her today so I kept pleasuring her and eventually she agreed to give me a nice blowjob. Both girls look amazing in red lingeire sucking his dick together.

Not long after, the French girl with a foxy hair got on top of his cock and started to ride it really fast.

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She pushed a nipple into my mouth, I licked and chewed it like a baby would suckle on there mother. My babe gasped softly, feeling her nipples becoming erect with desire. She pressed her sweet lips against the tip, flicking her tongue all over it. I licked and sucked her nipples in my mouth while I fingered the other one. I began to pump my hips, sliding my cock in and out of her hot cunt.

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